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Kids & family


Join us Sundays at 11 for Family Service! This 35-minute service is geared for families with kids elementary age and younger. Each service will be VBS style, meaning...fun music, practical bible teaching, engaging illustrations, and a welcoming environment.

There will be a discipleship moment for you as the parent to feel equipped and empowered to disciple your kids right there in the service with "small group" discussion questions related to the big talk.

How to join this Family Service gathering:

Use the sign-up link below and sign-up the number of people in your household that will be attending.

what is the family service?

Watch below:


Below are some recommended resources for parents to help their children know Jesus and live for Him daily. We encourage you to read the Bible as your primary source for truth as no resource can ever replace the word of God.

Please note: we do not affirm every aspect of every resource, and inclusion on this page doesn't equate to a full endorsement of all an author's works.

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