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we exist to help people know jesus and live for him daily

Everything we do at CFC is a Know, Grow, Go opportunity for God's people to fulfill and live out the great commission as we create disciples who know Jesus and live for Him daily. We find this method of discipleship based in God's Holy word in Matthew 4:19:

"Jesus called out to them and said, “Come and follow me, and I

will transform you into men who catch people for God. (TPT)

As we help people Know (come and follow me) they will Grow (I will transform you) into people who Go (catch people for God) for the Gospel and continue to fulfill the great commission (matthew 28) that Christ has given us.

our Staff:
Mark Posthuma
Cooper Jensen
Kate Posthuma
Melinda Bray

Administration / Front Office


Elsa Martin

Faith Kids Director


April Mitchell

Faith Kids Director


Isaac johnston

CFC Core Distinctives

These teachings are less central than our core doctrines of belief. They represent areas where believers firmly committed to the core doctrines in our statement of beliefs might still come to different conclusions. These distinctives are not worth dividing over. Rather, they are helpful in understanding our theological identity within the Body of Christ. While we do not require those who attend Cheney Faith Center to agree wholeheartedly with these distinctives, we do expect our staff to support them as well as core leaders.

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