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Counseling services

Below is a list of counselors and services that CFC would recommend for biblical counseling for a variety of needs. If you would like to talk to a pastor from our staff please call 509.235.4282 to setup an appointment for pastoral care and prayer. Our staff pastors only provide pastoral care and would recommend one of the services below for professional help.

If you or someone you know experiences a sexual assault call

Lutheran Community Services and ask to speak with an advocate at at 509-747-8224.


Spokane Christian Counseling

Phone contact: 509-209-8961



Lutheran Community Services

Specialize in treating children and adolescents

Phone contact: 509-747-8224



Cor Counseling and Wellness

Phone contact: 509-242-7200



Genesis Institute

Phone contact: 509-467-7913



Online Christian Counseling

Heidi Neddo

Phone: 509-424-5180


Brian Alquist

Phone: 509-475-7392


Jessica Crockett

Phone: 509-944-5467


Catharine Asay

Phone: 509-309-8369


Lynne Allen

Phone: 509-563-7796

American Association of Christian Counselors,, find a local therapist

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