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AMP Summer Camp 2019


We are beyond excited for this year’s summer camp for both Jr. High and Sr. students at AMP youth.  It is going to be held from July 9th – July 12th at Camp Bear Paw in Newport WA, and will be for sure the highlight of the summer for all students coming!


Camp is a “flag in the sand” type of experience where God can make a huge impression and influence on a student’s life and ignite a passion for Christ that is purely unstoppable.  Summer camp is designed to provide an atmosphere that strips away outside distractions and allows students to connect with God on a deeper and more authentic level. We get excited just writing about it now, because we know the impact summer camp can have on a Jr. or Sr. High student and the impact they can have on their friends, school, and city.


We also want to provide some opportunities for your son or daughter to earn some financial assistance to help take away any road blocks there might be in getting to camp. Camp will cost $175. PLEASE CONTACT either Pastor Cooper Jensen or Isaac Johnston at CFC by phone or email to talk about how camp can be a reality for your son or daughter.

If your son or daughter is still earning funds for camp - use the PAY LATER option and then we will send out a balance due on June 20th after all their funds are totaled up.


Isaac Johnston – - (509-235-4282)

Pastor Cooper Jensen – - (509-235-4282)


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